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Gamification of Urination

While this isn’t specifically related to beer, it does relate to the after effect of drinking it and is ridiculously creative.

Queen’s Day is a national holiday in the Netherlands during which much celebrating and of course beer drinking takes place. As one could imagine, finding a place to relieve yourself in a crowded city can be quite tricky. Many often took the easy way out, relieving themselves directly into the many canals that run through Amsterdam.

WaterNet, the local water authority decided that they were sick of people ruining all of their hard work to keep the canals clean and came up with a creative way to solve the problem. They turned the act of urinating into an interactive parlor game and challenged everyone to see who had the largest bladder. The person who won would be rewarded with a rebate on their water taxes.

While this would not be widely accepted in the US and considered just plain gross by some, I applaud WaterNet for it’s creative solution to a public health problem.

Check out all the details and action in this video: