Coalition Brewing’s Vectorlicious Labels


There’s no denying my love of vector style artwork. Clean edges and bold strokes really excite me when it comes to label designs. It’s never been a style I’ve excelled at so I’m quite envious of those who do. These labels for Coalition Brewing Company feature large, colorful illustrations that really catch my eye.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Coalition Brewing takes their namesake very seriously, offering a program in which local home brewers can brew at Coalition’s facility. With a strong “keeping it local” mentality, it’s no surprise that the brewery relied on a local Portland based designr – Bethany Ng – to create these stunning labels.


The large, beautiful illustrations provide a great personality to each of the brews. The usage of bold, solid colors gives the imagery a playful feel, allowing the beauty of the vector art to stand out amongst the type. One almost unnoticeable piece that I love is the subtle half tone pattern in the backgrounds of Two Dogs, King Kitty and Rooster’s, as well as the star from the breweries logo used on the collars of the dogs and cat.

coalition_label_2 coalition_label_3

Tip of the hat to my friend Hannah for bringing these labels to my attention. Hopefully next time I’m up in Portland I’ll get the chance to see these in person, as well as taste them.

Source: Coalition Brewing | Bethany Ng

  • Hannah Smith

    Great post! I’m so glad you liked them! We will definitely have to go there the next time you guys come up. Wheat the People was my favorite.