The Cat


You can ask anyone who knows me; I’ve got a slight obsession with felines. I have a small herd of cats myself and every time I go to the pet store, I have to stop and play with the kittens up for adoption. It’s a little ridiculous, but they’re just so damn cute.

Needless to say when I came across this packaging while perusing my feeds, I was excited. Designed by Isabela Rodrigues of Sweety Branding Studio in Brazil, these bottles feature bright bold patterns as well as one of the most awesome geometric cat illustrations I’ve ever seen. The way the the patterns from the bottles were used to create the cat’s face ties the whole thing together.


Designed for Le Chat, which is supposedly a french brewery (I can’t seem to find any information about them), it has very elegant, large text that really stands out. The usage of a clean serif typeface provides a level of classiness on top of what could be considered a very playful pattern. The simplicity of the 4-pack carrier really helps the beauty of the bottles stand out. The designer could have continued with patterns and bright colors on the carrier, but instead chose to keep it simple using only one color and allowing the natural cardboard color to consume the majority of it. I really love how the cat face easily translate to a one color mark without losing any legibility.



Overall, this is a great example of mixing colors, patterns and a classic seriffed typeface. I really wish there were higher resolution photos of these because I’d love to know what kind of beers these are and what’s written below “Le Chat”, but for now, I’ll just take in the beauty of the bright patterns. Heck, I’d love to know anything about this brewery, so if you happen to have anymore insight, please let me know!

Source: Le Chat | The Dieline